G.P. Telemann: Collected Works (2017)

Georg Philipp Telemann

La Barca Leyden - Raymond Honing, Ronald Moelker, Niels Bijl, Il Concerto Barocco

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767),
if his mother had had her way, would never have become a composer. Despite the fact that he composed large-scale works from a very early age, his mother insisted that he should study law in Leipzig. But it was soon evident that his heart lay in music. Passing through Halle on his way to Leipzig, he took the opportunity to make acquaintance with George Frideric Handel, with whom he established a friendship. Telemann showed perseverance (a trait which was to stand him in good stead), and stuck to his ambitions as a composer. He gained a post in Leipzig, where he founded the Collegium Musicum later directed by Johann Sebastian Bach. Posts in Sorau, Eisenach (where he got to know Bach) and Frankfurt followed, and in 1721 he gained a top position as music director of nearly all the major churches of Hamburg.

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Ronald Moelker

Flute Player Ronald Moelker has done numerous concert tours and recordings as a recorder soloist and with ensembles like the Lacrimae Ensemble and the Bassano Quartet. 

He moves easily and seamlessly between different musical genres. He unites a large number of styles and timbres and proves that the boundaries of what is possible with a recorder have not yet been reached. 

In addition to his work in the area of early music, he performs modern compositions and improvisations, including his own work, utilizing Tibetan Bowls and Percussion. 

He has performed at major European Music Festivals such as the ECM Festival in Heraklion and the Festivals for Early Music in Utrecht, Brugge, Skara, Basel and St. Petersburg. He won several prizes and received awards at The Early Music Festival in Brugge and The Van Wassenaer Competition NL (First Prize). 

Ronald Moelker studied recorder at the Conservatory in Rotterdam and at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.

photo: provided by Aliud Records

Il Concerto Barocco

The members of Il Concerto Barocco have a widely different international background but one thing in common: their passion for early music. Many left their home countries to specialise in early music in the Netherlands, and musical friends do not part easily. As Il Concerto Barocco they meet regularly to play music of the late Renaissance and Baroque on period instruments or copies, performing with widely varied instrumentations to suit particular programmes ranging from intimate chamber music to large-scale oratorios. 


Since its foundation in 2002, Il Concerto Barocco has become a welcome and regular guest at many concert venues. It has its own concert series in the Waterstaatskerk in Hengelo, where the ensemble is based, and joins in choral projects throughout the Netherlands and in Germany. CDs issued in the last three years featuring music by Telemann, Schmelzer and Vivaldi have met with widespread acclamation. 

Niels Bijl

Niels’ love for the tenor saxophone began as a 12-year-old under the inspiring tutorship of Willy van Diepen in Haaksbergen. During the early years Niels was mostly active in Big Bands and Blues and Jazz bands (including founder of the blues band Cuban Heels), but later at the Conservatorium in Enschede his knowledge of classical and contemporary music was perfected under the supervision of Arno Bornkamp and Johan van der Linden. Currently Niels works as saxophonist on regular productions with symphony orchestras (including the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Anima Eterna, World Orchestra for Peace) but his passion lies in Chamber Music, collaborating with among others: the Aurelia Saxophone Quartet, pianists Hans-Erik Dijkstra, Rob Horsting, harpist Maaike Bosscher and recorder player Ronald Moelker. His most important motivations are a quest for innovation, quality and passion in music. He shares this passion with young saxophonists through giving master classes around the world and, closer to home, his activities at the music school in Hengelo.

Photo: skarstermusic.com

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G.P. Telemann: Collected Works (2017)

Georg Philipp Telemann

La Barca Leyden - Raymond Honing, Ronald Moelker, Niels Bijl, Il Concerto Barocco

Mastering Engineer: Jos Boerland
Producer: Jos Boerland
Recording Engineer: Jos Boerland
Recording location: The Netherlands
Recording Software: Pyramix, Merging Technologies
Recording Type & Bit Rate: DSD 64

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ACDBN105-2: G.P. Telemann: Collected Works
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Suite in a minor - Ouverture
Georg Philipp Telemann
00:09:41   Select quality & channels above
Suite in a minor - Les Plaisirs
Georg Philipp Telemann
00:03:28   Select quality & channels above
Suite in a minor - Air a l'Talien
Georg Philipp Telemann
00:05:41   Select quality & channels above
Suite in a minor - Passepied 1 & 2
Georg Philipp Telemann
00:00:35   Select quality & channels above
Trio Sonatas, Soave
Georg Philipp Telemann
00:01:54   Select quality & channels above
Trio Sonatas, Presto
Georg Philipp Telemann
00:01:40   Select quality & channels above
Trio Sonatas, Andante
Georg Philipp Telemann
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Trio Sonatas, Scherzando
Georg Philipp Telemann
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Fantasia I in A - Vivace
Georg Philipp Telemann
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Fantasia I in A - Allegro
Georg Philipp Telemann
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Fantasia II in a - Grave
Georg Philipp Telemann
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Fantasia II in a - Vivace
Georg Philipp Telemann
00:01:27   Select quality & channels above
Fantasia II in a - Adagio
Georg Philipp Telemann
00:01:32   Select quality & channels above
Fantasia II in a - Allegro
Georg Philipp Telemann
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Fantasia VI - Dolce
Georg Philipp Telemann
00:03:25   Select quality & channels above
Fantasia VI - Allegro
Georg Philipp Telemann
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Fantasia VI - Spirituoso
Georg Philipp Telemann
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Suite in G, Prelude
Georg Philipp Telemann
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Suite in G, Air Dolce
Georg Philipp Telemann
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Suite in G, Spirituoso
Georg Philipp Telemann
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Fantasie 9 - Affettuoso
Georg Philipp Telemann
00:03:05   Select quality & channels above
Fantasie 9 - Allegro
Georg Philipp Telemann
00:01:34   Select quality & channels above
Fantasie 9 - Grave
Georg Philipp Telemann
00:00:23   Select quality & channels above
Fantasie 9 - Vivace
Georg Philipp Telemann
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Cantata 5. Ein Jammerton, Largo
Georg Philipp Telemann
00:06:59   Select quality & channels above
Cantata 5. Recitativo, Jedoch mein Blick
Georg Philipp Telemann
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Cantata 5. Aria, In deiner Gnaden offne Tiefe
Georg Philipp Telemann
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